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The United States Social Security Administration

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This website is for me and anyone that may want to look at some information about  Kroger. This information may be of help to you, as it is to me. The links an (or) websites, are not in any way my websites (or) links. There are just a way of helping you get to what you (or) I may need.  All the links and websites are free on the web. To look at a link just click on that link and it will take you to that website. Thank You 


UFCW Local 1000

Dental 1-877-816-3596
Local 1000 Office: 817-421-1003
Optical 1-800-638-3120
Local 1000 Fax: 817-488-8580
Kroger Health & Welfare 1-800-842-5899
Texas Office of Injured Employee Counsel 1-866-393-6432
January 2015 Newsletter for Local 1000 on (PDF)
United Pension 1-800-753-8339
Kroger & Homeland Clerks South Central Pension 1-800-241-7701
Homeland & United Meat Cutters Pension 1-800-531-2385
Homeland & United Meat Cutters Pension Fax 1-312-649-1245
Welfare Care - 1000
How to get your W-2 online
Read all before clicking on a link and it will be easy for you to use.
1st. click on this link
1: The Employer code: 10575
2: Your Social Security Number  (numbers only)
3: Your PIN is (last 4 digits of your SSN plus year of birth) (numbers only)  XXXXXXXX
  If you changed your pin last year. You must use that pin number. If you changed your pin and forgtten it, click on "forgot your pin" link and follow the instructions.
4: Highlight will be blue (My Other Solutions) it will be to the top left side, then click on w-2express it will look like this.
5: Click on "Consent for Online Delivery" and follow instructions. If at this point you don't see
  "consent for online delivery" but you do see "withdraw your consent" you are already setup and no action is required.
Deadline to sign up for Electronic W2 is __; January __th 2015.
If you received your W2 electronically last year, you DO NOT need to sign up again this year.
W-2 will be posted on a secure Web site in late January. Before you would receive it in your mailbox. You will receive a e-mail notification when your W-2 is available, along with instructions for retrieval. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail when you enroll for online delivery as well as confirmation of any changes you make to your contact information.
You can consent to receive your w-2 online at any time. However, any election made after January 18th willbe regarded as consent for the next year.
Withdrawal of your consent can be done at any time.
Note: With this option, you will not receive a paper copy of your W-2 in the mail.
W-2 reprints (for current and prior years) are available at or by calling 1-877-325-9239. The code for Kroger in Texas is  10575  If you did not consent to receive your 2014 W-2 online, you will have the option to get a reprint of your 2014 W-2 after 2/1/2015.   Express HR 
You only have the month of October every year. To update information. So don't forget. Or you will have to wait, tell next year on October again. So go to    Follow the link to   Med-1000 Open Enrollment.  Login: with your username and password. If you do not have a username and password. Go to Request Username Page to get one.
United Food & Commercial Workers Local 1000  and Kroger Dallas Health and Welfare Plan "Med-1000 Plan" ADMINISTERED BY: National Employee Benefits Administrators, Inc. 2010 N.W. 150th Avenue, Suite 100   Pembroke Pines, FL 33028 1-800-842-5899 For Kroger 517: ______________ Business Representative, 967 W. Wall Street, Suite 100, Grapevine, Texas 76051  Phone 817-421-1003  Fax: 817-488-8580 Nationwide Wats: 1-800-FOR-UFCW or 1-800-367-8329  Union Plus
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Why am I posting this information? I some times have to look for this information. An can not find it at home.
As there is others that may be looking for it too. This is a easy way to have it.